Alcohol Ingestion Speed

Alcohol Ingestion Speed

An Orange County DUI lawyer can tell you that the speed at which alcohol is consumed plays a crucial role in alcohol peak levels and times.Understanding the various factors of alcohol absorption may help you avoid driving while intoxicated, and any DUI arrest that could potentially result.

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Absorption may be delayed if substantial amounts of alcohol, consumed all at once, cause the pyloric valve to seize.On the other hand, if alcohol consumption occurs over a long period of time (e.g. during social drinking), the liver is better able to eliminate what is being absorbed, resulting in a lower blood alcohol level (BAL) per unit of time.

Many times, both rapid and drawn out consumption occur together.A person may slowly drink alcohol over a long period of time and then consume a couple of drinks quickly right before leaving a drinking establishment.In a situation like this, the alcohol curve will rise as to the last drinks consumed.

Cigarette Smoking

Your Orange County DUI lawyer can advise you that when cigarette smoking occurs near the time a meal is consumed, stomach emptying slows down and the time to reach maximum alcohol absorption is increased.

Alcohol Type and Strength

Different types of liquor cause different rates of alcohol absorption.Liquors with a higher alcohol concentration may adversely affect the pyloric valve, located between the small intestine and the stomach.The high alcohol concentration may cause a pyloric valve seizure, which will delay emptying of the stomach by up to 2 to 3 hours.On the other hand, the pyloric valve may spasm in reaction to other liquors.Generally, pyloric spasm will cause mixed drinks to be absorbed faster than neat spirits.

Your Orange County DUI lawyer knows that the amount of alcohol consumed is another factor that could affect the time it takes to reach peak blood alcohol content (BAC).High doses of alcohol slow down stomach emptying and bowel motility, while low doses of alcohol increase stomach emptying.Therefore, a high dose is apt to slow down and increase the peak BAC.

Similar to the way food delays absorption, sugary drinks have a delayed absorption rate.For instance, champagne will be absorbed more quickly than sweet vermouth.The carbonation of champagne also gives it a propensity to increase the rate of the opening of the pyloric valve as well as the gastric emptying time.

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