Are you a potential witness on your own behalf?

Are you a potential witness on your own behalf?

An important goal of your experienced Orange County DUI lawyer is to find out if you would be a good witness. Let’s say you told your story in front of a jury. How do you present yourself? Would you leave a favorable impression or would your testimony be a negative for your case? Your attorney knows how to take an honest look at this question and whether to demand a jury trial. You will want to do what works best for your defense.

Which type of defendant are you? Often, those charged with DUI fall into one of three categories:

  1. Total recall of events: If you have a great memory for detail, you would probably make a solid witness at trial.
  2. Sketchy memory: In the middle group of witnesses are defendants who remember some but not all the details of what happened prior to, during and after their arrest. (Here is where hypnosis may be helpful as long as no big gaps in memory are found.)
  3. Someone who blacked out: Does loss of consciousness mean that you cannot testify for yourself? In the past that may have been the case, but today new techniques such as hypnosis may spur memory.

Your Orange County DUI lawyer knows how to assess your likelihood of success as a witness. In addition to your recollection of events, your legal counsel will find out if you can stand up to the tough demands of a trial. A legal professional will work with you during a mock cross-examination so you know what to expect.

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