Attorney Evaluation

Attorney Evaluation

Once the initial interview with your DUI attorney in Orange County is completed, he or she will then evaluate your case for trial or plea negotiation, should that option be available.  The strengths and weaknesses of the state’s case will be thoroughly analyzed by your attorney, and he or she will consider whether or not the state can prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  In addition your attorney will analyze the state’s evidence, including officer’s reports, chemical evidence, field sobriety tests, state’s witnesses, and your own previous criminal record.

Orange County DUI defense lawyer


Once your Orange County DUI lawyer has evaluated the state’s case, he or she will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case.  This will include the anticipated testimony of expert and lay witnesses, the defenses available, and the potential penalties facing you, as well as relevant state statutes and case law.

State DUI Case

When your Orange County DUI defense attorney is evaluating the state’s case, the first factor to consider will be whether the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the DUI offense you have been charged with.  Additionally, based on your appearance, demeanor, conduct, and driving symptoms, your attorney must determine if the state can prove that it had probable cause to stop you.  Your reaction to the arresting officer once you were stopped will also be a factor in evaluating your case.  For example, suppose that once the police siren or flashing lights were activated, you immediately pulled to the side of the road and fully cooperated in answering questions and submitting to field sobriety and chemical tests.  Moreover, suppose your recollection of these events is solid.  Under such circumstances, it can be shown that a high BAC reading is inconsistent with your behavior, which may then cast doubt on the test results.


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