Before Meeting With an Orange County DUI Attorney

Before Meeting With an Orange County DUI Attorney

Prior to your initial meeting with your Orange County DUI attorney, please review this list and carefully consider how you would answer. This will assist your attorney in understanding the specifics of your case and may help you remember more details concerning the facts that led up to your arrest.

Orange County DUI attorney


Driving prior to when you were stopped

For what reason do you believe you were stopped?

For what reason did the officer say he or she stopped you (if any)?

Did the officer cite you for any traffic violations?

Are there any reasons you may have been driving erratically that can be innocently explained?

Is it possible the officer observed you leaving a bar?


The stop

Specifically, where did you stop your car and why did you choose that location?

Were there any passengers in the car?

Did anyone else witness the stop?

How was the lighting at the time and place of the stop?

Did you tell the officer you had consumed alcohol?

How exactly did the officer ask you to get out of your car?

Did you experience any problems in getting out of your car?

Were you ever told that you were free to leave?

Did the officer say anything you believe was inappropriate?


Field sobriety tests

Were you told by the officer that field tests were mandatory?

Did you feel threatened in any way in being asked to take theses tests?

Were you asked if you had any health or physical disabilities?

Were any tests demonstrated by the officer?

Did you actually perform any tests?

If so which ones and where exactly did you perform them?


The specific facts and details will allow an experienced and knowledgeable Orange County DUI attorney to craft a defense that will provide the best result possible for your case. If you are not already represented, please contact Mike the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawfor a free evaluation of your case.