Blood and Urine Cases

Blood and Urine Cases

Items that your Orange County DUI defense lawyer may want to consider for discovery in a blood or urine case include the following:

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  • A portion of the urine or blood sample that was obtained from you.  This portion is usually referred to as a “split.”
  • The analysis methodology (i.e., the laboratory’s operating procedure).
  • The analyst’s “bench notes” – any notes made during the time of analysis.
  • The control results.  Controls are blanks or known solutions added in the run with the actual samples.
  • Your sample result.
  • Your sample test’s actual chromatogram.
  • “Specificity/interference” test results.  This consists of tests conducted to ensure that other volatiles or compounds were not mistakenly being analyzed as ethanol.
  • A “run list” copy.  The run list describes which samples and controls were tested and in what order they were tested.  With automation, the analysis of 40 different samples may be involved in a typical run.
  • The maintenance records of the specific device that was used to measure the urine or blood sample three months prior to and after the analysis of your sample.
  • Your sample’s chain of custody.
  • A copy of the information set forth on the vial of your sample, or a review of the vial your sample was deposited in.
  • Records documenting any tests of proficiency given to the laboratory and the analyst by an independent organization during the last year.
  • Records documenting internal proficiency tests given to the analyst within the last year.
  • Any records that document any accuracy checks performed on any vials purchased from a manufacturer.
  • The instruction sheet or checklist used by the person who obtained the urine sample or by the phlebotomist who took the blood draw.


Some or all of the above items may be important for your Orange County DUI attorney to consider obtaining as he or she prepares your defense.


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