Checklist Before You Meet With Your Attorney

Checklist Before You Meet With Your Attorney

Before meeting with a DUI defense attorney in Orange County for the first time, you should go over the topics listed below and check off those that are relevant to your case.   Not only will it be beneficial in helping you remember the facts surrounding your arrest, but you will also be able to better relay the important facts of your case and learn those issues that will be helpful to your defense when you bring this list to the meeting with your Orange County DUI attorney.

Orange County DUI defense lawyer

What was the situation before you were stopped?

_____What do you believe is the reason you were pulled over?

_____Did the officer give a reason as to why you were pulled over?

_____Did the officer cite you for any traffic violations?

_____Did the driving behavior that initiated the stop have an innocent reason?

_____Do you believe the officer saw you leaving a bar parking lot?


What was the actual traffic stop situation?

_____Where did you pull over your vehicle, and why did you choose that spot?

_____Describe the lighting at the time you pulled over.

_____Did you mention to the officer that you had been drinking?

_____What words did the officer use when requesting that you get out of your car?

_____When you got out of your car, did you have any difficulty?

_____At any time, did the officer tell you that you were free to leave?

_____At any time, did the officer do or say anything you think was inappropriate?

_____Were there any other passengers in your vehicle?

_____Were there any witnesses to the stop?


How were the field sobriety tests conducted?

_____Were you threatened by the officer in any way concerning the field tests or told that the tests were mandatory?

_____Did the officer question you about any disabilities or your health in general?

_____Were the tests explained and/or demonstrated to you by the officer?

_____Did you perform any of the tests?  If so, which ones?

_____Where were the tests performed?



If you have been charged with a DUI, and would like to discuss your case with an Orange County DUI defense lawyer, please contact the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawand the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawby calling (800) 706-7888.