Consulting the Dui Attorney for First Time

Consulting the Dui Attorney for First Time

When meeting with a DUI defense attorney in Orange County for the first time, it can be beneficial to compile a checklist of relevant information.  The following list will help your Orange County DUI lawyer put together a defense best suited to your case.

Orange County DUI defense lawyer


The facts concerning your arrest

_____Was a search made of your car?  If so, was anything found?

_____At what stage of the process did the officer inform you that you were under arrest?

_____Did the officer handcuff you?

_____Was the arrest videotaped, audio taped or photographed?

_____Did the officer read your Miranda rights to you?

_____Did you remain silent or waive your rights?

_____Did you request an attorney?


The condition of your health at the time of the arrest 


_____Were you on a diet when arrested?

_____In the two days prior to your arrest, how much had you slept?

_____Were you taking any medication in the days before the arrest?

_____Do you suffer from any balance or inner ear problems?

_____Have you ever had an injury to your head?

_____Do you suffer from COPD, GERD, or have frequent heartburn?

_____Do you suffer from a blood or liver disease, or have diabetes?

_____Do you suffer from any mental health issues?


Circumstances concerning the breath test


_____During the observation period, did you burp or regurgitate?

_____How many breath samples did you give?

_____Did you experience any difficulty giving a sample?

_____Was your breathing pattern interrupted by the operator at any time?

_____Were you required to hold your breath for any length of time before blowing?

_____Was more than one machine used to test your breath?


Your Orange County DUI attorney will also want to know:


_____How many total officers were involved in the process from beginning to end?

_____Do you know the names of any of the officers involved?

_____Did you post bond after your arrest?

_____Do you have a history of any prior criminal activity, including previous drunk driving arrests?


If you have been charged with a DUI, contact an Orange County DUI defense lawyer at the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawand the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawby calling 800-706-7888.