Evaluating Your Case

Evaluating Your Case

Once you have met with your Orange County DUI lawyer for an initial interview, your attorney will assess your case for trial or plea negotiation, if appropriate. Your legal professional will study every aspect of your DUI arrest and case to find the best defense strategy.

For instance, was your DUI stop lawful in the first place? Your lawyer will explore whether authorities had probable cause to stop you such as your appearance, conduct, or driving. When you were pulled over, did you cooperate fully? Did you perform a field sobriety test and take a chemical test? If you remember all of the events clearly and yet had a high blood alcohol content, then that may point to an inconsistency that calls the test process or results into question.

What the Prosecution Must Prove

The state must prove all of the elements of the case to gain a conviction so your lawyer will evaluate every detail of the evidence, including:

  • Witnesses
  • Police reports
  • Field sobriety tests
  • Chemical evidence


In addition, your attorney will explore any prior criminal record in order to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Your legal counsel will consider how best to present your case with available defenses and expert witnesses. Tapping their total understanding of statutes and case law, skilled attorneys know how to approach and defend your case for the best possible outcome.

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