Finding Ideal Jurors

Finding Ideal Jurors

Your Orange County DUI lawyer is on a mission to maximize your case’s likelihood of success. This effort takes many forms, including careful jury selection (otherwise known as voir dire).

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Independent Jurors

First, understand that ideal jurors are independent-minded and don’t automatically accept everything they are told in police testimony. Your attorney has a keen ability to size people up and select jurors that may question an officer’s opinions and perceptions to draw their own conclusions about your case.

If you refused to cooperate fully with the police at the time of your DUI stop, accident or arrest, then a juror who feels strongly about individual freedom might be sympathetic. Does the government intrude too much in our lives? Jurors who feel it does may question authority and keep an open mind about your case.

Drug Cases Pose Unique Issues

Cases like alcohol DUI are drug cases with complex angles. Your case may not center on a chemical test like blood alcohol content (BAC) because these levels vary greatly and different individuals function differently at the same BAC. An experienced Orange County DUI lawyer knows that a DUI is a drug case that depends more on the opinions of the police and the jurors than on a number like BAC percentage.

In addition to alcohol, many cases involve illegal drugs. This needs to be addressed head-on in jury selection. Your attorney knows how to do that. A defendant’s illegal drug use is actually not a factor in a DUI case and your attorney will ensure that jurors are aware of this. The matter at hand is DUI driving impairment, not drug use. That is an important difference.

Your attorney will question jurors in the selection phase and make sure that they understand that prior drug use has no bearing on the current case. Your lawyer may ask questions like these:

  • “Marijuana is illegal but my client’s drug use is not an issue in this case. Do you understand that?”
  • “Do you understand that Jim is accused of DUI and not use of marijuana and that you are looking only at the DUI and not the illegal drug?”
  • “Do you understand that my client’s driving is the issue and not use of illegal drugs?”
  • “If you learned that Jim smoked marijuana but was able to drive fine, would you let him go?”

These are just a few of the kinds of questions that an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer will ask to ensure your fair case. DUI, drug use, and other details must be fully understood and addressed in jury selection. The Orange County law firm of the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawwill be able to help you with all of these technicalities and more. Call (800) 706-7888 for a free, no-obligation consultation today.