Footwear Check

Footwear Check

An Orange County DUI defense lawyer should be interested in the type of shoes you were wearing at the time of your arrest.  Men may have performed the field sobriety tests wearing cowboy boots, while women may have been wearing high heels.  Shoes with an extended heel make a balance test much more difficult to perform.  Similarly, shoes that have little support, such as sandals, also make balance tests more difficult.

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Whatever shoes you were wearing, you should keep them in the same condition they were in when you executed the field tests.  Even if the trial is going to be delayed, it may be necessary for you to keep from wearing the shoes again until the trial takes place.  This is a preventive step that will guard against an objection made by the prosecution that the shoes are inadmissible because they have changed since the arrest date due to wear.

Calling All Witnesses

The names and telephone numbers of all persons you had contact with throughout the evening of your arrest should be made available to your Orange County DUI attorney.  This includes the time period that begins two hours before any actual drinking took place.

It is crucial that your defense lawyer be in contact with these potential witnesses as soon as possible to inform them of the importance of remembering the evening’s events.  Some of the potential witnesses may not even be aware of your arrest.  Expecting a witness who was not previously alerted to remember specific details of an otherwise non-descript evening six months after the arrest occurred is asking too much.  Cementing the witness’ memory as soon as possible is therefore essential.

It is entirely understandable if you are reluctant to have your defense lawyer contact some of the potential witnesses because you do not want them to know that you were arrested for drunk driving.  From a legal perspective, however, it is beneficial for your Orange County DUI defense attorney to contact all would-be witnesses.  Your lawyer may request that you sign an acknowledgement that you have gone against his or her advice if you decline to allow all witnesses to be contacted.

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