Good Advice: Return to the Scene

Good Advice: Return to the Scene

It may sound odd but your Orange County DUI lawyer is likely to tell you to go back to the location of your DUI stop as soon as possible. Here’s how your attorney will secure the scene and evidence:

Once you contact your lawyer, you will be asked to return to the location where your sobriety test was conducted. A knowledgeable defense investigator can help you to examine the scene and take photos as soon as possible.

While police reports usually show that tests such as balance tests are given on smooth, flat pavement, it’s not usually the case. Many roadways are sloped so that water runs off. Others have limited paved shoulder areas or gravel on the surface. While you will take photos during daylight, if the incident occurred at night, go back to check how well lit the area is because visual cues affect a person’s ability to balance.

The power of a voice

Give some thought to other evidence related to your arrest. If you made a phone call late at night, was your voice recorded on voicemail or an answering machine? If so, it may be valuable to your attorney in demonstrating that your speech was clear and not slurred. Listening to someone’s voice is powerful and memorable evidence and just one piece of the puzzle that forms the mental as well as visual picture of your defense.

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