Help Your Orange County DUI Lawyer Gather Facts

Help Your Orange County DUI Lawyer Gather Facts

Every case is unique and your attorney will ask you about many details surrounding your arrest including statements you made, health issues, possible witnesses, and other factors.

What did you say?

It is important for your DUI attorney to know if you made any admissions to the police at the time of your arrest. Did you say anything about alcohol consumption such as how much was consumed and when? Be sure your lawyer is prepared with all the facts.

Your health status

What was your health status at the time of the incident and arrest? How much sleep did you have? Did any physical conditions or disabilities affect your functioning? Examples might include poor balance, joint problems leading to a limp or impaired gait. Were you injured in any way prior to or during the incident? Other health issues may also impact your case such as any medications you took, either prescription or over the counter; or health matters such as a heart condition, diabetes, epilepsy, or others factors that would influence sobriety tests.

Witness identification

Did anyone witness your driving or arrest? The state must prove that you were driving in order for you to be convicted of drunk driving so it’s important to identify anyone who saw your alleged DUI, or witnessed incidents leading up to it. (And tell your attorney if you made any statements to the police to indicate that you were operating the vehicle.)

Some questions may seem basic; others more involved. Your Orange County DUI lawyer knows state law, local courts, and how to gather information and prepare your case for the most favorable outcome possible. Call the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawat (800) 706-7888 for a free consultation.