Important Variables to Consider when Assessing the Effect of Alcohol on Driving

Important Variables to Consider when Assessing the Effect of Alcohol on Driving

Your Orange County DUI lawyer realizes that individual circumstances lend a great deal of variability to the mechanics of alcohol absorption, distribution and elimination.Such things as driver characteristics, driving ability and driving behavior should also be considered when evaluating the effect alcohol has on driving ability and the possibility of impairment.

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Thus, a key objective in each case evaluation consists of gathering as much information as possible.Every Orange County DUI lawyer has his or her own method of accumulating this information.

The following is a recommended list of data your Orange County DUI lawyer should obtain to approach your case from a toxicological standpoint:

General Information about the Individual

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Occupation
  • Workplace exposure to chemicals
  • Beginning drinking age
  • Alcohol use frequency
  • Alcoholism diagnosis
  • Visual attributes (near-sighted, wears glasses etc.)

Medical Information

  • Diabetic?Last use of insulin
  • Surgery on stomach or intestines
  • Epilepsy
  • Injury or illness
  • Currently under care of dentist or doctor
  • Medications – prescription or non-prescription.Dosage and time used
  • Date and amount of hours last slept


  • Observed driving time and date
  • Date and time drinking began for that period
  • Time drinking stopped before driving was observed
  • Quantity of alcohol consumed during drinking period
  • Size in ounces, type, and concentration of alcohol in consumed drinks
  • When drinks were consumed
  • Alcohol use in the 1.5 hours before driving observation
  • Alcohol use after driving observation and before arrival of officer
  • Food consumption at or near time of drinking period
  • Amount and type of food consumed

Driving Features

  • Identity of the vehicle’s driver
  • Time driving began
  • Driving behavior observed by the officer
  • Amount of time officer observed driving
  • Vehicle mechanical problems
  • Possibility of distractions in vehicle causing observed driving behavior
  • Road or route familiarity
  • Documented driving behavior contradictions

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