Many Factors Impact Alcohol Effects

Many Factors Impact Alcohol Effects

Every case is different and every defendant is different, as your Orange County DUI lawyer knows. In fact, even the way alcohol is absorbed, distributed and eliminated in the body varies from person to person. Factors including gender, height, weight, even ethnicity and occupation all come into play and impact an individual’s alcohol tolerance. Of course, driver behavior and ability also play a role in assessing the impact of alcohol on driving impairment.

Orange County DUI lawyer

Your Orange County DUI lawyer will ask many important questions as he or she builds your case. Below are examples of the kinds of information your legal representative needs.

Questions About You

  • Your gender, age, height, weight
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your occupation. Were you ever exposed to chemicals in the workplace?
  • At what age did you start drinking?
  • How frequently do you drink alcohol?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with alcoholism?

Your Medical History

  • Do you take prescription or non-prescription drugs? When were they used and in what dose prior to the DUI stop?
  • When did you sleep and how much sleep did you get?
  • Do you have diabetes? If so, was insulin taken prior to the incident?
  • Any stomach or intestinal surgeries?
  • Other illness or injury?
  • Are you under the care of a doctor or dentist?

Behaviors and Actions

  • Were you observed driving?
  • Place, date and time of alcohol consumption?
  • Time and amount of alcohol consumed (type, size (ounces) and alcohol concentration of beverages)?
  • Use of alcohol after driving?
  • Food eaten around the time of drinking? (Type and amount of food consumed)

Driving Details

  • Who drove the vehicle?
  • When did the person start driving?
  • What behavior did the police observe? How long was the driving behavior observed?
  • Any mechanical issues with the car?
  • Any distractions in the car that may explain the driving issue?
  • Were you familiar with the route or were you lost?

Your Orange County DUI lawyer will gather all the information because every detail plays a role in evaluating your case. Each client is different and so is each case and each lawyer. If you have been arrested for a DUI and would like a free legal consultation, now is the time to call the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawat (800) 706-7888.