Orange County DUI Lawyers Know the Prosecution

Orange County DUI Lawyers Know the Prosecution

Your Orange County DUI lawyer is not just an expert in law books and precedent cases. Another key legal skill is to know prosecution tactics in drunk driving cases. Depending on the prosecutor, the case may be more likely to go to trial or to settle, and it takes an experienced attorney to read the clues to the state’s position.

Through listening, observing the process and even knowing the prosecutors individually, your local lawyer will get a sense of the best approach for your defense. For instance, each case has a phase called discovery in which facts are gathered. If the prosecutor files extensive motions for discovery of evidence, it may suggest that the state plans to go to trial. If the prosecution plans to settle the case instead, they might not spend significant resources on investigative efforts.

Courtroom knowledge

If your attorney is in the local courtrooms everyday, he or she knows the players and the dynamics. Are the court schedules full? Is the prosecutor tied up with more important cases or even personal priorities? Is the state’s attorney coming off a tough case and needs a break that might make settling more likely? On the other hand, some factors outside of your case can make a trial more appealing to the state. For instance, a young prosecutor might view drunk driving cases as a fast way to beef up his or her trail record numbers.

It takes an attorney with local knowledge and boots on the ground to have the insight and experience to read the courts and prosecutors. That is why working with Coffey & Coffey can be a huge advantage. Work with an Orange County DUI lawyer who is in court regularly and up to speed on all the details that impact your case. Call Coffey & Coffey at (800) 706-7888.