Overcoming Juror Bias In Favor of the Police In Your Orange County DUI Case

Overcoming Juror Bias In Favor of the Police In Your Orange County DUI Case

If your DUI case goes to trial one significant obstacle that your Orange County DUI lawyer will have to address is juror bias against DUI defendants. Conversely, jurors tend to have a favorable view of police officers. This positive opinion of police officers can cause jurors to give extra weight to the testimony of the officer.

Police Officers Make Good Witnesses

Not only do police officers have instant credibility because they are professional law enforcement officers, they have learned to be professional witnesses. Unless you have encountered a newly trained officer, it is likely that the officer who arrested you will have previous experience being on the witness stand in a DUI case. The more often he has been a witness, the more he will have learned from the past and the better witness he will be for the prosecution.

An Experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer Can Help With Juror Bias

There are several tactics that an Orange County DUI defense lawyer can do to reduce the impact of the natural bias that causes jurors to lean towards giving extra credibility to the testimony of police officers. Your Orange County DUI lawyer begins this task in jury selection, both by identifying the most potentially biased jury members, and by emphasizing to the remaining jurors the importance of hearing all the testimony fairly. Your Orange County DUI lawyer will then look to demonstrate alternative ways to interpret what the officer observed during cross-examination.

You Can Help By Appearing Cooperative and Likeable to the Jury

As a defendant, you can help shift any bias in favor of the police officer by being respectful and cooperative so that the jury trusts and likes you. This process begins at the time of your arrest. If you were cordial and cooperative with the police officer at the time of your arrest, the officer will have no choice but to admit truthfully during his cross-examination that your behavior was polite.

At trial, it is important for you to dress appropriately, and be polite and respectful at all times.

Get Help With Your Orange County DUI Case

With aggressive legal representation it is entirely possible to have DUI charges reduced or even dropped without the expense of a trial.  But when a trial is necessary, the Orange County DUI attorneys at Coffey and Coffey are more than up to the task.

From jury selection through closing argument, the experienced Orange County DUI attorneys at Coffey and Coffey will work diligently and systematically to win over the jury. For a free consultation, please contact us at (800) 706-7888 today.