Presenting the theme of your DUI case

Presenting the theme of your DUI case

Much like in all criminal trials, the prosecution presents their case first in a DUI trial. The first opening statement, the presenting of the first witnesses and evidence, and the first closing argument are also made by the prosecutor. As a result, before your Orange County DUI lawyer is even able to present his or her opening statement, the prosecution has advanced their story and set the tone for the case. Nevertheless, your Orange County DUI lawyer has opportunities to present your story to the jury well before the prosecutor has given his or her closing arguments. The fact is that many jurors begin to form opinions about a DUI case from the very beginning. Therefore, a smart DUI attorney will use every opportunity to set forth your persuasive case theme throughout the trial and even before the trial begins during jury selection.

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Establish DUI defense theme

Sometimes DUI lawyers do not establish a defense theme. Instead, they choose to attack everything and argue every possible theory with the hope that the possibility of reasonable doubt will be present itself. No matter how insignificant a fact may be, or how overwhelming the proof is, these attorneys contest every issue. Every witness will be aggressively cross-examined, even the very minor ones. Every piece of evidence is challenged, even if the defense is not necessarily hurt by it. Then, during their closing arguments, unrelated facts will be presented to the jurors, asking them to pick and choose what they can to create reasonable doubt.

An experienced Orange County DUI lawyer realizes that seldom is a hodge-podge defense such as this effective. However, your attorney knows that a targeted and specific attack on the particular issues that are crucial to your DUI case, when presented within the confines of a persuasive and competent case theme, will be much more effective. Your knowledgeable Orange County DUI attorney will develop a defense theme that centers on the specific aspects of your case and avoid a general, unrelated synthesis on drunk driving.

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