Questions Your Orange County DUI Lawyer Will Ask

Questions Your Orange County DUI Lawyer Will Ask

Your Orange County DUI lawyer knows how to gather information to argue your case. The first step is to get your input. What did you see and experience at your DUI stop? Your attorney will ask you the questions below as a helpful starting point in your defense. Before you meet with your attorney, use this list to help you recollect the facts in your case.

Initial events
• What happened before the stop?
• Were you seen leaving a bar or restaurant where alcohol is served?
• Why do you think you were stopped?
• Did the officer say why you were pulled over?
• Did you get a traffic ticket? If so, what was the violation?
• Is there an innocent reason that explains why you were pulled over?

During the stop
• What happened during the traffic stop?
• Where exactly did you pull over and why did you stop there?
• Did you have any passengers?
• Or, do you think anyone witnessed your traffic stop?
• Can you recall the details of the spot? What were the road conditions? If it was dark, what streetlights or other lighting sources were at the scene?
• What did the officer ask you? (If he asked you to get out of the car, do you remember the exact wording used?)
• Did you have any problem getting out of your car?
• Did you tell the police that you had something to drink?
• Were you ever told that you were free to leave?
• At any time did you feel that the police officer said something inappropriate or threatening?

The sobriety test
• Did you take any type of sobriety test at your traffic stop? If so, which test did you perform?
• Where was the field sobriety test conducted?
• Was the test explained or demonstrated? If so, how?
• Did the police officer say that the test was mandatory?
• Were you ever asked about any health conditions or disabilities that you may have?

These questions are just the starting point in your dialog with your attorney. If you have been arrested for a DUI or criminal case, call the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawat (800) 706-7888 to put an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer on your side.