Reading Between the Lines of Prosecutor Notes

Reading Between the Lines of Prosecutor Notes

A DUI case has many proceedings such as pretrial conferences. Your Orange County DUI lawyer takes care to observe prosecutor note-taking during these sessions. While we can’t know what was written down, a good attorney will “read” the prosecutors’ approach to the case to determine whether they have a strong or weak position.

Often more than one prosecutor works on a case and they rely heavily on each other’s notes, taken in open court. If one of the state’s attorneys takes extensive notes, it may suggest something unusual about your case. That can be good or bad for the defense. Your lawyer will get a feel for which way it is going in the next pretrial conference. The prosecutor may “show their cards” as they comment based on prior notes. A tough stance by the state may not bode well for the defense, but a softer less decisive position may predict willingness to settle.

Your attorney knows the courts

Is the prosecutor new to his or her job? Prosecutors work for a government agency and may be in a mandatory probationary period if required by civil service rules. That may mean an opportunity to settle your case,  since the prosecutor’s win-loss record will be looked at by the government employing agency in their performance review.


Prosecutors are people, too. Your Orange County DUI lawyer knows who they are and how their priorities may affect your case. You will want to work with a law firm that is totally immersed in the local courts where your case will be heard. Call the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawfor a free consultation at (800) 706-7888.