Save Your Shoes! (And Other Tips from the Defense)

Save Your Shoes! (And Other Tips from the Defense)

It may sound odd but your Orange County DUI lawyer is likely to tell you to save the shoes you wore during a DUI stop and arrest.

That’s because the tests are difficult to perform in boots or fashionable high-heeled shoes. Footwear without support including sandals may also make balance a challenge. It may be advisable to save your shoes and not wear them again until your case or trial. (If they become worn during the period after your arrest, they may not be admissible later in your case.)

Seek Your Witnesses

Before you forget any details, provide your attorney with the names and contact information of anyone that you met throughout the day and evening of your arrest, including the hours prior to any alcohol consumption.

Don’t assume that someone won’t be helpful to your case. Only an experienced legal professional can make that determination. And act quickly so events are fresh in people’s minds and most powerful as testimony. Don’t wait for weeks or months, because if a person is unaware of your arrest, they may not recall details of what was for them an uneventful evening. Your lawyer will need to talk to witnesses and to document accurate and helpful observations. Granted, you may not want your friends or associates contacted and informed of your arrest. But look at it from your lawyer’s point of view: Every effort must be made immediately to gather information, evidence and possible testimony needed to defend your case.

Your Orange County DUI lawyer is on your side and will do the legwork to mount as strong a defense as possible. But they need your help. If you have been arrested for DUI, call the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawimmediately at (800) 706-7888. Don’t let important evidence and recollections be lost that might have helped your case.