Third and Fourth DUI Offenses in Orange County

Third and Fourth DUI Offenses in Orange County

If someone is facing a 3rd or 4th DUI charge, do they have a more difficult challenge than the first or second DUI charges? No and Yes. The burden of proof is the same for the 3rd or 4th conviction as it is for the 1st. A skilled attorney can defend some charged a third time for DUI. They have the same constitutional rights, and the same presumption of innocence. Perception is a different story. The reality of the situation is that some judges and juries might look less favorably on a person with multiple DUI convictions than they will a first timer. Also, the stakes are much higher for a 3rd or 4th conviction than they are for a first. If you or a loved one is facing a 3rd or 4th DUI charge in Orange County California, hire a lawyer who knows Orange County courts, and understands how to defend DUI cases. Coffey and Coffey practices exclusively in Orange County and we only defend DUI and other Criminal charges. We are in these courts every single day. There are certain judges and certain D.A.s that look more favorably on 3rd and 4th DUI charges. And there are certain judges that we will definitely want to avoid. Call us for a free in-person consultation to discuss your case at: (800) 706-7888.

3rd Offense DUI Penalties Below are some of the consequences that the accused faces if convicted of a 3rd DUI Offense.

  • Mandatory jail time of 120 days
  • 18 months DUI school
  • 3 years driver’s license suspension
  • Fines, fees, and court costs
  • 3-5 years court probation

The above mentioned penalties are the MINIMUM consequences if convicted. There are other factors that can be used against the offender to enhance those penalties. Some enhancing factors are driving with a suspended license, being involved in an accident at the time of the arrest, or having a child present in the car.

4th Offense DUI Penalties

If a person in arrested for DUI a fourth time, the personcan be charged with a felony and spend up to 3 years in state prison with a permanent loss of their California Driver’s License.

Some Counties Raise the Penalty:

In California, theseverity of sentence the accused will face also depends on the county that the alleged offense occurred. Some counties mandate a minimum 210 days in jail for a 2nd DUI though the minimum state requirement is 120 days.

An experienced and skilled Orange County DUI attorney can potentially make a big impact in the outcome of a DUI case and sentence. Part of the battle is to know which court to get your case into. Certain judges tend to be harder of DUI cases than others. Knowing which court to get your case into can make a big difference in the outcome of a case. At Coffey and Coffey, we practice DUI defense (and defense of other criminal charges) exclusively in Orange County. We are in these courts every single day. Put our knowledge or Orange County Courts to your advantage. If you or someone you love is facing a third or fourth DUI charge, call us for a free in-person consultation at (800) 706-7888