Some Tactics for Dealing With DUI Arresting Officers

Some Tactics for Dealing With DUI Arresting Officers

When it comes to DUI cases, any experienced Orange County DUI attorney will tell you that one of the most important events is the cross-examination of the arresting officer because it is the first real confrontation to take place in front of the jury since police officers are usually one of the first witnesses for the prosecution.

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Keep in mind that prior to the officer testifying, the only thing the jury will have heard is the voir dire and any opening statements that were made by the attorneys. While it is true that these are still very important aspects of the case, they will not deliver the same drama that first “battle” with the arresting officer will.

In general, the arresting officer is the one witness for the prosecution who was there for the entire time of the arrest. Once the cross-examination has been completed, the compass is going to start to point in the direction of either conviction or acquittal. When your Orange County DUI attorney cross-examines the arresting officer at trial, you might see certain strategies being utilized.

For instance, it may end up that your attorney actually knows the particulars of the police officer’s report better than the actual officer does. All too often, police officers are unaware of everything that is contained in their own reports. They might have an idea of most of the information contained in the report, but very few officers know the details of everything contained therein.

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