Some Important Facts

DUI: Some Important Facts That You Should Keep in Mind

If you have been stopped by law enforcement for a DUI, there are certain pieces of information that you should keep in mind, not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the Orange County DUI attorney who you will need to hire to assist you with your case.

Some examples of the questions that your attorney may have include:

  1. Was your car searched at the time of the arrest, and if it was, did they find anything?
  2. At what point did the officer say that you were under arrest?
  3. Were you placed in handcuffs, and were pictures taken or was a video or audio tape made during the stop?
  4. Did the officer read your Miranda rights to you, and if so, did you waive your rights, or did you choose to remain silent?
  5. Did you ask to speak to an attorney?

With respect to your health at the time of the arrest, the following questions may be asked of you:

  1. Were you on a diet when you were arrested?
  2. How much sleep had you had over the past two days prior to your arrest?
  3. Are you on any medications and if so, had you taken any of them recently?
  4. Do you have any physical disabilities, balance or inner-ear problems, or have you ever suffered a head injury?
  5. Do you have issues with frequent heartburn, GERD or COPD?

If you were given a breath test while at the scene or at a later time, your Orange County DUI attorney will also have specific questions about that process as well, so you should try to make note of everything that happened so that you don’t forget.

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