The Ideal Jury for Your DUI Trial

The Ideal Jury for Your DUI Trial

During jury selection, your Orange County DUI lawyer will seek out potential jurors who are most likely to sympathize with your circumstances. Your lawyer’s strategy will depend on the specific details of your case, such as the following:

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  • Beliefs Led to Refusal

If you refused to cooperate with law enforcement because you believe (correctly or incorrectly) you have the right to do so, your Orange County DUI lawyer will seek to seat jurors who have trouble with authority, who believe in individual liberty, or who believe that government is too large and too involved in our individual lives.

  • Cases Involving Drugs

There exists no legal limit for any drug above which an individual is believed to be driving under the influence.Therefore, a DUI case involving drugs is based less on the concentration of the drug in the defendant’s bloodstream than on the opinions and perceptions of the jurors and officers involved in the case.

Your Orange County DUI lawyer wants to find potential jurors who will not automatically accept what the officer says.Your lawyer wants individuals who will question the officer’s opinions and perceptions, listen with an open mind, and draw their own conclusions based on their individual determination of the case.

If illegal drugs are involved in your case, your Orange County DUI lawyer will have to take this into account when selecting jurors.Your attorney must make the jurors understand that your illegal drug use is not an issue to be considered in the case.To do so, potential jurors may be asked questions similar to the following:

  • Do you understand that Rick is charged with driving under the influence of marijuana?
  • Do you understand that the fact that Rick used marijuana is not before you as an issue in this case?
  • Would you be agreeable to letting Rick go if you found out that even though he smoked marijuana, he drove just fine?
  • So the fact that Rick smoked marijuana, which is not before you in this case even though it is illegal, will not affect your decision one way or the other?
  • Do you understand that the prosecution chose to bring only the DUI charges today and not the drug charges?
  • Do you understand that even though there may be several reasons for this, none are relevant here?
  • How does knowing that make you feel?

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