The Role of Self-Identified Informants

The Role of Self-Identified Informants

Self-identified informants are often essential figures in DUI cases since they can provide eyewitness testimony that courts consider reliable.  Because of the sway that many self-identified informants may have on legal hearings, you should work with an Orange County DUI lawyer to prepare a defense for your DUI case before your court appearance.

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Reliability of Self-Identified Informants

  • Courts often consider self-identified informants credible witnesses because they assume that those who reveal their identities to authorities are likely to express truthful evidence.
  • Also, courts usually trust identified informants because judges can penalize dishonest informants with severe criminal and civil punishments.


Credible Informants in Police Cases

  • In Arkansas, one self-identified informant was deemed credible after he told the police that he had witnessed criminal activityand worked with law enforcement to detain the wrongdoer.
  • Similarly, a witness’s statement in Massachusetts was declared reliable because the witness was a prominent and trustworthy citizen.
  • A Kansas informant provided police with her name and current residence while reporting a description of a vehicle involved in a crime, which eventually led to both the criminal’s arrest and a Kansas court ruling that a citizen informant who freely offers his or her name and address should be presumed trustworthy.
  • After a Missouri DUI eyewitness personally reported to officers that he had noticed a purple Jeep swerving erratically, a court utilized his testimony and ruled the offender’s arrest lawful.
  • A Florida court labeled a fast food restaurant manager a highly credible informant after she indicated her name, address, and current location to police while reporting the vehicle of a possible DUI suspect (the self-identified informant also later described the make and model of the car, provided the license plate number, and pointed out the location of the vehicle in question to police officers).


Significance of Self-Identified Informants

  • The testimonies of self-identified informants hold significant weight in law enforcement investigations and legal proceedings.
  • However, the information provided is not always sufficient enough to prompt a DUI detainment.
  • For example, authorities could not constitute a DUI stop after a Utah woman reported a nonviolent domestic dispute and claimed that her boyfriend had been drinking alcohol, but could not detail the amount consumed by the suspect.


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