The Theme of Your Case

The Theme of Your Case

What is your case theme? In other words, what is the “story” behind your case? The jury will have to accept the story of either the defense or the prosecution. Accordingly, your Orange County DUI lawyer will develop a strategy for your defense and take every opportunity to tell your story to the jury.

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In a trial, the prosecution presents its case first. So it’s important that your case approach has already been set up before the trial, in the prior phase of jury selection. Your attorney will lay out a persuasive theme and theory of your case and advance that approach throughout the trial, not waiting till closing arguments to state a summarization of the case.

Developing Reasonable Doubt

It may seem effective to have a “defensive” defense strategy, that is, to allow the prosecution to present its version of the facts and then refute each point. Many DUI defense attorneys take this approach, and shift gears and sum up with numerous theories to raise doubts about each piece of evidence presented.

The goal here is to extensively cross-examine witnesses, and address each piece of evidence—regardless of whether it was particularly helpful to the prosecution’s case. Yet this approach by itself is not a powerful position for an argument. Instead, it is a scattered defense designed to instill reasonable doubt in the jurors’ minds.

Targeted Defense

Your experienced Orange County DUI lawyer may avoid this unorganized approach, knowing that it is unlikely to succeed. More effective is a targeted defense, focused on the important issues in your case. A great lawyer gives the full context of the facts in a meaningful, memorable way that makes jurors relate. Jurors don’t need speeches about drinking and driving, but they are there to hear about your case in particular. What happened to you? What is your story?

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