Three DUI Test Formats

Three DUI Test Formats

When a police officer stops a driver for a suspected DUI, they have several tests at their disposal. An experienced Orange County DUI lawyer should know about the common ones, the contested ones, and all the latest research about their effectiveness. Here is an overview of a few common DUI tests: handwriting, the hand pat, and picking up coins.

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The Handwriting Test

Handwriting is impacted by alcohol use. However, recent research studies show that it may not be a reliable reflection of the writer’s concentration of blood alcohol content (BAC). An experiment with 35 men and women examined their handwriting before and after alcohol consumption. Researchers were not able to measure blood alcohol concentration after studying the writing samples.

The Hand Pat Test

The hand pat requires that someone put their hands in front with one hand face down on the other, which is face up. Holding the bottom hand still, the subject is asked to clap down using the top hand, then flip the top hand over and clap down with the back of the top hand. This is done at a quickening pace so that the participant must turn the top hand faster and faster. The reason this exercise may not be reflective of BAC is because as the speed increases, there is, even for sober subjects, a natural decrease in the precision of the clap.

The Picking Up Coins Test

Picking up coins is a less commonly used drill. If the subject is unable to perform other field sobriety tests due to, for instance, bad knees, then they may be able to pick up coins instead. As an Orange County DUI lawyer could  tell you, the test has not been standardized or validated as an accurate sobriety measure. Here’s how it works: The subject simply picks up coins with one hand from a surface such as the hood of the car.

The usefulness of these three subjective hand tests suffers due to lack of standardization and validation, according to an Orange County DUI lawyer. Get further information and talk to a legal pro about your case by calling the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Law& the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawat (800) 706-7888.