What Does the Prosecution Think of Its Case?

What Does the Prosecution Think of Its Case?

Depending on the specifics of your DUI case and the prosecution’s position, your lawyer may or may not advise you to go to trial. If the prosecution proposes a settlement agreement, there may be a weakness in its case. Either way, the prosecution will not voluntarily expose its position in a DUI case. However, a knowledgeable and proficient Orange County DUI attorney will be able to read the signals given by the prosecution and figure out the strength of the state’s case against you.

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There are several ways an experienced Orange County DUI attorney will be able to accurately approximate the prosecution’s position.


The first, and easiest, way to discover the prosecution’s position is by listening. A well qualified and smart Orange County DUI attorney knows that if he lends the prosecutor a listening ear, it is possible that the prosecutor will reveal its case.


Another way for your Orange County DUI attorney to determine the prosecutor’s case is to actually look at the steps the prosecution is taking in handling his or her case. Most often, a prosecution who is looking to take a DUI case to trial will do large amount of discovery and demands and motions. Typically, attorneys do not engage in such extreme level of discovery if they are planning to settle their case.


Lastly, a skilled Orange County DUI attorney will gauge the prosecution’s case by attempting to feel the dynamics surrounding the case. Your attorney will look at the prosecutor’s recent calendar to determine whether: (a) he or she is overbooked with trials and is looking to take it easy by dismissing or settling a DUI case or (b) the prosecutor is looking to build his trial statistics.


If you have been charged with a DUI, it is imperative not to plead guilty before consulting with an experienced Orange County DUI attorney. Do not hesitate to contact dedicated Orange County DUI attorney Mike the Law Office of Mike Coffey Attorney at Lawtoday to schedule a free initial consultation.