What does the prosecution want?

What does the prosecution want?

A trial is not the end result of every drunk driving case.  Your DUI defense attorney in Orange County needs to determine the prosecution’s true intention.  Does the prosecution want to settle your DUI case, or does it want to try it in court?  If settlement is the prosecution’s intent, at what price is it willing to settle?

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By making a conscious effort to read the clues, your attorney can often accurately approximate the prosecution’s position.



Listening is the easiest way for your attorney to determine the prosecution’s frame of mind. Most attorneys usually believe that drunk driving cases are “cut and dried,” so they feel there is no need to be cunning.  But the fact is that many prosecutors will reveal their intentions to a DUI defense lawyer who is willing to listen.



Your Orange County DUI attorney should not only be listening, but he or she should also be looking –looking specifically for how much discovery the prosecution has done.  Often,the frequent reason for a prosecutor to amass discovery with demands and motionsis preparation for trial, because many attorneys believe that discovery is the primary method to gather information.  More often than not, a prosecutor will not go to the same lengths to obtain discovery for a case he or she intends to settle.



Besides looking and listening, your DUI defense attorney in Orange County should be on the lookout for any dynamics surrounding the case.  How full are the courts?  Are there any pressing personal matters dominating the prosecutor’s thoughts?  If the prosecutor has been in trial continuously for several weeks, perhaps he or she is looking for a respite.  Or perhaps the opposite is true, and the prosecutor needs a trial to keep up his or her trial statistics.  Often, new prosecutors believe that drunk driving cases provide an easy path to compiling impressive trial statistics.


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