Your DUI defense attorney in Orange County will need to determine if your alleged operation of the motor vehicle was witnessed by anyone.  If the state cannot prove that you were driving the vehicle, you cannot be convicted of drunk driving.  If witnesses exist, your attorney will need to interview them as soon as possible.

Orange County DUI lawyer


Admissions and/or Statements

Your Orange County DUI lawyer will need to know whether you made any admissions or gave any statements to the police.  It is vital that you inform your attorney if you remember admitting anything to the officer or making any statements, particularly concerning the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed, when and over what period of time they were consumed, and whether or not you were operating a motor vehicle.


Other Factors

Your Orange County DUI attorney will cover other factors in your initial interview, such as your physical condition at the time of the arrest.  This can include your weight, how much sleep you had, any disability you suffer from that might cause you to limp or have imperfect balance, and whether you were injured in any way at the time of the arrest.  Your attorney will also want to know if you were taking any drugs (prescription or otherwise) or medication at the time of the arrest, and whether you have a physical condition such as epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, or an impairment of speech that could have influenced your field sobriety test performance or chemical test result.


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